January 2012

PRAYER ALERT: Choosing a family-friendly fiscally-responsible US President

Tomorrow may signal a turning point in the US Presidential election. More than 150 top evangelical advocates of family values and fiscal responsibility are now meeting near Houston, Texas. They are seeking agreement on a presidential candidate. Until now evangelicals have divided their support among candidates who are attacking each other so relentlessly, that many fear no one will end up with enough support to defeat Obama. We must point out that the Obama administration has refused to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act. It has consistently pushed for federal funding for abortion. It has promoted the gay agenda, including open homosexuality and even bestiality in the military! It’s now embarked on an all-out campaign to impose the gay agenda on all nations which receive US aid. And it has allowed our debt to climb to a mind-boggling $15 trillion. Let’s pray for the evangelical leaders to come to an agreement, and for this year’s elections to result in completely different family-friendly & financially-responsible policies.

AGREE IN PRAYER WITH US: We come before You as our loving and almighty Father, from whom every family on earth takes its name. We thank You for Your good plan for one-man, one-woman marriages to be fruitful and multiply. We thank You for Your plan to fill the earth with children who have fathers and mothers to look after them, till they grow to become fathers and mothers themselves. We grieve before You that for the first time in history, powerful nations are conspiring together to defy this good plan, to take away parents’ rights, and to expose children to homosexual propaganda and predators. Turn the hearts of true fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

Thanks you for the many evangelical champions of family values who are meeting today and tomorrow, who have been fighting the good fight against ruthless and godless enemies. Bring these champions into agreement, in prayer and in action, on how to win this fight for the sake of the nation and the world. Raise up a president, even if it is a repentant Obama himself, who will choose judges and cabinet members and policies that protect the most vulnerable members of the human race—including the unborn and children. Move on US voters to vote this year for family-friendly, fiscally-responsible, and globally-sensible candidates. Help all of us work together to restore families with true God-given male and female identities. Help us find our deepest identity in Jesus, the only way to the Father. Help us overcome all anti-Christian agendas and let Your government increase. Release Your good plans for families of all races to prosper, for free markets to revive the global economy, and for the US to be more than ever a blessing to the world. In Jesus’ name, amen.