Ferrar: December 2012

Prepare the way for great outpourings & harvest by moving in His power now!

Dear friends & supporters,

Recently God spoke to me that “there is the sound of a heavy rain” (I Kings 18:41). The only sign Elijah received for this long-awaited outpouring was “a cloud as small as a man’s hand.” God can use our hands, as we pray and lay hands on the sick, to heal and do miracles now, and prepare the way for His glory clouds to pour down revival on our thirsty lands. Preparing the way also means being eager to confess our sins, as God reveals them, and receive His mercy, forgiveness and grace to extend to others. I have already seen almost every kid at Tree of Life get some healing when we pray for them. Now God is leading me to pray for hospital patients and seeing Him heal them too (see photos)! Soon I will be taking friends & intercessors with me to the hospital to exercise their gifts and see more get healed. If we are moving with God’s miracle power now, we can help to release His outpouring and keep flowing with Him as He reaches more and more of the world!

THE SOUND OF A HEAVY RAIN. On the 11th anniversary of 9/11 a series of attacks on US embassies began, prompting me to send out prayer alerts on the dangers of giving ground to militant Muslims. But on that same day I also began hearing good news in my spirit from the Lord, that “there is the sound of a heavy rain” (1 Kings 18:41). That’s what Elijah said to signal the end of a three-and-a-half year drought in Israel. And yet the sky was so clear that Elijah had to crouch down in travailing prayer and send his servant seven times to detect so much as “a cloud as small as a man’s hand…rising from the sea” (verse 44). It was not until after Elijah announced the rain to Ahab, that the sky grew black and the heavy rain fell. So I am praying and seeking the small cloud which will bring the needed outpouring.

“You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times” (Mt. 16:3). It’s not hard to interpret the attacks on US embassies: Muslims are moving from worldwide covert action to worldwide overt action to weaken US influence in Muslim-dominated lands. As I wrote in the prayer alerts, God’s answer to that is to release an outpouring of His Holy Spirit to convert Muslim Sauls into zealous Christian Pauls—and, I might add, to convert many renegades in Christendom to Christ. But how do we interpret this heavy rain? What kind of outpouring will it be?

HEALING & MIRACLE CLOUDS OF GLORY. God answered that two days after 9/11: I opened a book, and the first chapter I read ended with several pages expanding on “the sound of a heavy rain.” It said that each ministry, church and city which cried out to God for an outpouring would be covered by a healing miracle cloud. The cloud would remain as long as people cried out for more. Many would come from a distance to be filled at these outpourings, go home to announce heavy rains as Elijah did, and bring a healing miracle cloud over their own locality. So how to we prepare for these outpourings?

In Elijah’s time Israel was not prepared. Though Elijah won a stunning victory over 850 prophets of Baal and Jezebel at Mount Carmel, the power of Baal and Jezebel quickly reasserted itself. Elijah fled from that power in fear as far as Mount Sinai, where he appealed to God to bring judgments down on apostate Israel. Instead God started over with a new prophetic ministry through Elisha to extend a grace period to Israel. God is now giving us time to prepare for the coming outpouring to become a grace period for a great harvest and not end in judgment.

In fact it might be better to begin with judgment—of our own sins. “For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God” (1 Pet. 4:17)—judgment in the sense of repentance. Isn’t that how many revivals begin? When “a people living in darkness have seen a great light” (Mt.4:16), we see our sins more clearly and can exchange them for more of His glory. God is bringing a greater light into my life. I can see I need to get freer of anger, which comes out when I mutter things I shouldn’t say under my breath—and at times out loud. I don’t want this anger to grow to a point that I’m saying such things to people. So I’ve become accountable to a pastor friend to report every such incident to him. And since then the incidents have decreased considerably, by God’s grace.

Expose darkness to His light and the darkness must flee. “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed” (James 5:16). I’ve confessed my sins to friends and in turn they’ve been eager to confess their own sins so they can get free. I’ve made a covenant with my eyes not to let them wander when scantily-clothed women pass by. I’m replacing my “movie of the week” with a time of entering into His glorious Holy Place where He is showing me visions better than movies. More light brings consciousness of hidden sins, which we can uproot to make room for more of Him.

Then more of God can shine out from us into the world. “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth, and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn” (Isa. 60:1-2). No one can deny the nations of the western world are sliding deeper into darkness and sin and debt and despair. It is time for the light of the Lord to draw them out!

KEYS FOR CLOSING & OPENING DOORS. At a Belize City conference last weekend I got some keys for preparing the way for His great light to come. Speaker Gary Carter has mobilized intercessors and leaders for citywide transformation in Drayton Valley, Alberta. I’ve taken more notes from his book, The Power to Effect Change, than any other book but the Bible. He preached last weekend on how to close doors to seven deadly sins: pride, lust, anger, greed, gluttony, envy and slothfulness. The enemy attacks us wherever we are weak in these areas. We must meet these attacks in the opposite spirit (Rom. 12:21), and overcome pride with humility, lust with purity, anger with gentleness, greed with generosity, gluttony with restraint, envy with appreciation, and slothfulness with zeal for the Lord.

We must close these doors that the enemy uses to undermine revival. We must move in the opposite spirit and open doors to relationships that will undergird and advance revival—relationships with humble, praying, servant leaders, who seek His face and are eager to turn from their wicked ways for more of Him. That’s what our Belize Prayer Network is designed to do. By God’s grace the conference enabled us to strengthen many of our relationships and initiate more.

AS SMALL AS A MAN’S HAND, RELEASING HEALING. We are still watching for “a cloud as small as a man’s hand” to signal the great outpouring of healing and miracle power. In the meantime I’ve realized that God can use my own hand to prepare the way—by laying hands on the sick. Two months ago I dreamed that a well-known Christian miracle minister was constantly encouraging me to make myself at home in his church, where heaven is touching earth and healings overflow to the world outside. I knew it was time to review his teachings, to soak in the atmosphere of heaven (are we not blessed “in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ”?-Eph. 1:3), and to release healing as the Spirit led me.

The last two times I’ve visited Belize City I felt led to go to the hospital and lay hands on the sick. As Jesus promised, He “confirmed His word by the signs that accompanied it” (Mark 16:20). Javier had a hard time talking and thinking straight due to a growing brain tumor. After prayer he thought and spoke clearly then lay back soaking in the presence of the Lord. Magdalena was in chains, writhing in torment because of an abortion she had had elsewhere. After prayer she lay back softly and gratefully weeping in forgiveness and peace. Harim was paralyzed from a bullet that hit his spine five years ago. As we prayed God gave him feeling in his feet. Mario was recovering from a stroke and could not lift his right hand without pain. As we prayed God took away the pain. Gerald was bedridden with gout and kept saying “God will heal me,” though he didn’t receive healing while we prayed. But his wife Constance, sitting by in a wheelchair due to severe arthritis, called out loudly, “Pray for me!” I have never seen such faith. She told me to hold her wheelchair as we prayed. She kept struggling, inch by inch, to rise until she stood without support, praising God because she could stand without pain! She sat down and stood again quickly without pain too!(see email photo)

My next visit was shorter due to the conference. All the patients I had prayed for ten days earlier were gone, even the paralyzed man, praise God! Jason had mysterious pain in three fingers for seven days that the doctors could not diagnose. As we prayed God took it away. Robert had hypertension that led to a heart attack seven days ago. As we prayed God gave him unusual peace. Sandy was confined to a bed after being weakened by diabetes attacks. After prayer she felt as strong as normal. Miriam lost circulation in her left arm when her blood coagulated near the elbow. After prayer she felt the blood flowing again. Color came back to her arm and she could squeeze her exercise ball harder than ever! (see email photo)

Also Javier, Magdalena, & Jason committed their lives to Christ. Another patient, Brian, recommitted himself. Your hands may be small, but use them to pray, and you will help us release the great outpouring we so deeply need.

Yours in Christ,

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Ferrar: August 2012

BC-HOP PRAYER ALERT: For our merciful God to protect Yucatan from Hurricane Ernesto

Hurricane Ernesto has accelerated to 85 mph winds and is due to make landfall some 40 miles north of Belize’s border at about 2 a.m. Wednesday. We can thank God that He has answered prayer so far and spared Belize from a direct hit. Now Ernesto is heading to some of Yucatan’s least inhabited regions, so we can pray that it stays on course and that God will have His protective hand over all those in its path.

PRAY WITH US: Father, we thank You for giving all authority in heaven and earth to Your Son Jesus. We thank You that You so loved the world that You gave Him to us, that we may have life now and forever. The enemy comes to steal and kill and destroy, but Jesus came that we may have life abundantly. We thank You for sustaining that life every day, and letting storms come that we may turn to You and receive more of that life. Thanks You for sparing Belize from Hurricane Ernesto. Remind Belizeans and Yucatecans not to take You for granted, but to come to You for new mercies every morning. You love to have us come to Your mercy seat, so here we are now by the blood of Jesus to humble ourselves and thank You for Your ongoing protection. We ask You in faith to extend that protection over Yucatan. Keep Ernesto on course to pass over the least inhabited areas. Let Ernesto to bring healing rains and not destructive rains. In Jesus’ almighty name. Amen.

Ferrar: July 2012

BC-HOP PRAYER ALERT: Belize’s rush to decriminalize marijuana

The government of Belize has appointed a committee of eight people headed by former Police Minister Douglas Singh to consider decriminalizing marijuana. Two of these eight members are admitted marijuana users. The committee notified the public on Monday night that Belizeans would have only four days to give feedback on their proposal, with the deadline being today, Friday, July 20. We must ask, why the haste to decriminalize use of a substance which is proven to impair learning, memory and driving ability, and to cause cancer, and to harm children of users?

Contrary to claims that marijuana is relatively harmless, Wikipedia reports:
–Lab studies showing serious effects on driving skills, including “impairments in tracking, attention, reaction time, short-term memory, hand-eye coordination, vigilance, time and distance perception, and decision making and concentration.”
–A 2008 review that concluded that marijuana actually did “impair all aspects of short-term memory, especially short-term episodic and working memory… One small study found that no learning occurred during the 2 hour period in which the subjects (infrequent users) were ‘stoned.’”
– Serious effects on children of users: “Some studies have found that children of tobacco and marijuana-smoking mothers more frequently suffer from permanent cognitive deficits, concentration disorders, hyperactivity, and impaired social interactions.”
–A study in the journal Cancer March 15, 2009, “linked long-term use of cannabis to an increased risk of 70 percent for testicular cancer with the scientists concluding that cannabis is harmful to the human endocrine and reproductive system.”
In the July 18 issue of Amandala, the government gives the rationale for its proposal: “Current legislation treats the possession of under 60 grams of marijuana as a criminal offense and is punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 and/or up to three years imprisonment…This proposal is to decriminalize the possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana, which will then be subject to fines, mandatory drug education and no imprisonment.” Furthermore, “current legislation clutters the courts and the prison.” And a conviction now carries a permanent criminal record that would be “a barrier against meaningful employment.”

Is it possible to reduce the penalties for use of small amounts of marijuana and at the same time fully warn the public—especially children and youth—of its dangers? We certainly do not want to see marijuana smoke become a common atmosphere in the public life of Belize, distracting people’s attention, and affecting their decision-making and concentration. Many more people would develop the habit as a result, and suffer the serious health effects listed above, including more cancer and car accidents. Let’s pray for God’s wise judgment on this issue to prevail.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are our highest joy and our deepest peace. We pray for marijuana users who are seeking peace from stress in their lives. They are seeking a joy they don’t find elsewhere. We grieve with Your Holy Spirit that they are finding a false and temporary joy and peace in marijuana, which prevents them from finding joy and peace in You, and which impairs their memory and learning and health and judgment, leading to cancer and disease and car accidents and more drug use and more evils. We ask that You would show us how to alert all Belizeans to these dangers. We ask You to show the government the right penalties to match the crimes. We ask that You show the government how to justly enforce the law and to effectively discourage further drug use. We ask You to cause Your Holy Spirit to increase and marijuana smoke to decrease in Belize. We ask that You would turn children away from ever beginning this habit. We ask that You deliver more and more users from this habit and use their testimonies to deliver others. We ask most of all for outpouring after outpouring of Your amazing love, joy and peace, to which nothing else can compare. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Ferrar: 30 June 2012

BC-HOP PRAYER ALERT: For Greater Glory to Prevail in & after Mexico’s Presidential Election

On July 1 Mexico will vote for a new president in elections which will have impact far beyond its borders. Much of Mexico bordering the US is controlled by heavily-armed cartels which feed high US drug consumption. One-third of Mexicans are poverty-stricken and so are sorely tempted either to join the illegal drug trade in Mexico or the illegal immigration to the US. 13 million Mexican migrants already work in the US—more than half of them illegally—and about a million try to join them every year. Hiring of illegals at low wages is so pervasive that some US states’ economies would collapse without them. Likewise millions back home in Mexico depend on their earnings. But the sluggish US economy in recent years has increasingly turned them to the drug trade.

The vast poor population in Mexico has seen many past movements for economic reform give way to corruption. In the 1870s the Juaristas’ seizure of Catholic Church lands to apportion among the poor eventually resulted in a return to centralized authority, land confiscation, and economic exploitation of the poor as virtual slaves. In the 1920s the Zapatista revolution for agrarian reform established a Soviet Union-allied government, which violently persecuted the Catholic Church, as portrayed in the movie For Greater Glory. Out of that government arose the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Though it became admittedly corrupt, the PRI held onto power as a virtual one-party system for 71 years until its longtime opponent PAN’s candidate Vicente Fox was elected president in 2000.

Mainly on the promise of economic reforms and jobs creation, PAN’s Felipe Calderon was narrowly elected president in 2006. His main opponent, leftist coalition candidate Lopez Obrador, immediately claimed voter fraud. Lopez Obrador launched massive public protests that brought much of Mexico City to a standstill for weeks, causing heavy financial losses. This strained the support for PAN’s war against the drug cartels, which at this point has cost 55,000 lives. Now presidential polls show war-weary Mexicans giving Pena Nieto, candidate for the old PRI, 38%, Lopez Obrador 24%, and PAN candidate Josefina Vasquez Mota 21%. Though far behind, Lopez Obrador again threatens widespread protests if the vote count is against him.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are holy and righteous, the sovereign Lord of the whole earth. “He changes times and seasons; He sets up kings and deposes them.” We ask that You would establish the next government in Mexico with a decisive election to rule according to agreed-on laws. We ask that You hold it accountable to You and to the people, and empower it to enforce those laws against corrupt forces that undermine justice and peace. We ask that You, as the Lord of lords, arise against the drug cartel lords who seek to extend their lawless and violent oppression to the US, Guatemala, Belize, and beyond. Protect those lands, drive back the cartels, bring powerful conviction on drug lords, and deliver the people from bondage and fear to them.

Mexico faces such poverty, warfare, chaos and institutional injustice that many in government despair of political solutions. Some are turning to the Church for answers. And despite much historical persecution, 95% of Mexicans profess to be Christians. We ask You to set the course for Your church to come into agreement on Your answers for the nation’s dilemmas. We ask for radical salvations for nominal Christians, for deep discipleship, and for trained and anointed leadership to emerge in every sphere of public influence. And that many illegals in the US would return to find new opportunities at home. With You all things are possible. Let the movie For Greater Glory be prophetic for Your people in Mexico, that as darkness covers the land, “the Lord rises upon you, and His glory appears over you.” Let Your glory on your people increase so that darkness flees before them, that divine order is established where oppression and fear once reigned, and that people find Your ways of surviving and thriving in their homeland.

In Jesus’ name,

Ferrar: 29 June 2012

BC-HOP PRAYER WATCH: As the powers of Egypt shake, let Christ arise as Savior and Champion

One year ago a massive public uprising forced Hosni Mubarak to step down as president. Now Egypt has elected a radical Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi, to take power alongside of the radical Muslim Brotherhood-dominated parliament. The MB agenda is to impose shariah law, strip away freedom of religion, and destroy Israel. But we cannot be sure that the MB will be able to hold onto power. Two days before the presidential election, Egypt’s highest court—which was appointed by Mubarak—ruled that the parliamentary elections six months ago were invalid, and so dissolved Parliament. The next day the ruling military council locked down the Parliament building and claimed the sole right to make laws. MB members called this action a coup and vowed to ignore the ruling and hold Parliament meetings anyway.

The court also ruled that Mubarak’s last prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, could stay in the runoff presidential race, striking down Parliament’s ban against his candidacy. Shafiq promised to be a new strongman who would restore a secure police state and prevent an Islamist takeover. So many Egyptians were disgusted with the choice between a radical Islamist and a Mubarak henchman that only 15% showed up to vote. When the MB’s Morsi won, the military rulers defied him by issuing an interim constitution giving them control over the national budget and immunity from any oversight. And Mubarak, sentenced on June 2 to life in prison for the killings of protesters against his rule, suffered a heart attack and lost consciousness on Tuesday, just at the peak of the struggle over his succession. “It is very Shakespearean,” said one analyst. “…He does not want to hear the name of his successor.”

Meanwhile leaders of last year’s mass demonstrations launched more protests in the streets. Israelis face the prospect of a formerly peaceful southern neighbor now joining nearby Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas in vowing Israel’s destruction. The 13% of Egyptians who are Coptic Christians, and who have suffered multiple Muslim-incited and state-condoned massacres and church bombings since Mubarak stepped down, fear much worse persecution under an Islamist MB regime.

We must remember the Lord’s yet-to-be-fulfilled promise, that Egypt “will cry to the Lord because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will deliver them. The Lord will make Himself known to Egypt, and the Egyptians will know the Lord in that day…” (Isa. 19:20-21; see the rest of the Scripture below). Let us pray that He will begin to fulfill that promise now.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, we give all honor, all glory, and all power to You. We declare You sovereign over the nations and thank You for making Your Son Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords. We know that You are allowing Egypt to be shaken, so that only what cannot be shaken will ultimately stand. We declare the neither the oppressive military nor the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood will stand for long in Egypt. We join the persecuted Christians who “cry to the Lord because of oppressors.” Show many more Egyptians that You are their only Savior and Champion so they will cry to You too. Show them that the spirit behind both the military agenda and the MB agenda is determined to steal and kill and destroy what rightfully belongs to You. Deliver them from these evils, and make Your good will known to those who receive You as their King and Lord. Fulfill Your prophetic word that Egypt will be Your people. Make them witnesses to other Muslims throughout the world that the Son of man is the Son of God and the only way to the Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Isa. 19:23-25: “In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria [present-day Iraq], and the Assyrians will come into Egypt and the Egyptians into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians. In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom the Lord of hosts has blessed, saying ‘Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.'”


Ferrar: June 2012

Dear friends & supporters,

The recent waves of killings in Belize, in the midst of the world economic crisis, made it all the more crucial for God’s people here to engage together in the May 27 Global Day of Prayer, to humble ourselves and seek His face. The Belize Association of Evangelical Churches assigned me to organize the GDOP in Belize City during this turbulent time. It took us some miracles and storm-stilling to pull it off, but God was faithful. He drew the biggest crowd I have ever witnessed at a Belize City prayer event, and released His Spirit in power on the intercessory leaders. At the end everyone present made 30+ declarations for Belize that pastors and leaders had previously agreed to (see photos and declarations below). In the process I got to know sixteen more intercessors–from all six districts in Belize–who want to connect with our new Belize Prayer Network, of which BC-HOP is a part (see Belize City House of Prayer Facebook page). Help us go beyond current mission expenses, which we are being stretched to meet, to finance a new website and the extra travel and phone costs. Your contributions will enable more divine connections for Caye Caulker and Belize!

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER IN BELIZE. This is an agonizing time for Belize. The month of April witnessed more than a dozen gangland murders in Belize City. School counselors did what they could to respond to students’ fears of walking their own streets. Then in mid-May, two popular school counselors were killed within four days of each other, one in a multiple-death car crash, another in what is called a crime of passion done by a gay partner. Counselors themselves became despondent and at a loss for how to cope with scandal and deaths in their own ranks. Many Belizeans turned to church leaders who, partly due to prayer, have been given more public platforms to offer God’s counsel to the nation.

In the midst of this intense time, the Evangelical Association asked me to organize the May 27 Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) in Belize City. God knows we needed more united prayer. Coming so soon after the strenuous activity leading up to the uplifting multi-church Call To Worship event, many leaders were willing in spirit to help prepare for GDOP, but hard-pressed for available time to commit.

Then eight days before GDOP, a truly great leader of leaders, Pastor Ensford Maskall of Zoe Ministries, died of complications following a series of strokes. This was a heavy blow to the Body of Christ which was already reeling from the recent wave of crises. Ensford, a good friend of mine, was a spiritual father to many believers. It was important to honor and remember him so that the new works God began in him would be completed in us. But events forced his funeral services to be set for 10 am to 6 pm the same day that the Global Day of Prayer would be held, at 6 pm that evening.

In the meantime unexpected pressures on our GDOP partners kept us from getting a song list and some speaker confirmations till two days before the event. In those two days we had multiple breakdowns—not only the printer for programs and the projector for songs, but our powerpoint creator’s car and malfunctioned at the same time, causing her to miss getting needed files at the local internet cafe. We scrambled for replacements, which God faithfully provided through gracious friends, up to the 11thhour—when I collapsed into bed, with barely enough time to sleep.

WAR IN THE HEAVENLIES. I was wakened early by a violent storm. Huge clouds were massing on the horizon. I tried to go back to sleep, then realized God woke me to pray against the storm that threatened to disrupt Ensford’s funeral. So I did my part, and God did His, driving off the clouds. That afternoon more clouds gathered which I didn’t see, being inside, but which another alert intercessor prayed away, as I learned later. It was a rare dry day in the midst of weeks of heavy rains!

Ensford’s funeral was an extraordinary, impactful life’s celebration which lasted all day. Many of our speakers arrived at GDOP late after paying their last respects. But everything else came together just in time for us to begin a little late but fully intact. More than 300 came, the largest prayer meeting I have ever witnessed in Belize City. And it was far bigger than just us. We were joining millions of Christians around the world for this annual GDOP Pentecost Sunday of storming the heavens to bring His kingdom to earth. For the first time we had much Spanish-speaking participation in our speaker list and audience, with professional translation for everything. The Spirit of prayer came on our speakers with great power.

It was hard for anyone to stop as we prayed at length for 7 crucial arenas of national influence: Family, Spiritual Life, Education, Economy, Government, Arts, and Media. The climax came at the end. We handed out a page of declarations for Belize that prayer group leaders had submitted, and that leaders and intercessors around the nation agreed to. These declarations express what we all believe God wants to do, and will do, in the coming season if His people affirm them with one voice. Below is what we all declared in unison. Agree with us, and see His power for Belize be magnified as a result!


We glorify You as the only true God, holy, loving and all-powerful, with all authority in heaven and earth.
We thank You that You have given us that authority to make disciples and teach them to obey everything You have commanded us.
We confess our sins in not loving as we should, not making disciples as we should, and not being the disciples You have made us to be.
We receive Your forgiveness for our sins and Your power to overcome them.
We release forgiveness for past offenses that have divided us and weakened the body of Christ.
We declare our unity based not on our own righteousness, but on our faith in Christ, His inerrant Word, and His incomparably great power for us who believe.
We declare God’s grace on us to resolve conflicts and show mutual appreciation in the body of Christ.
We declare that we are Your chosen people for such a time as this in the life of Belize.
We declare that Belize is under God’s special protection and care, because it is “founded on principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God” according to our Constitution.
We declare that God is supreme over Belize, where the vast majority of people profess to be Christians, and that He is our greatest defense against foreign invasions.
We affirm with the Constitution “the equal and inalienable rights…endowed by their Creator”.
We declare the right to life endowed by the Creator, starting at conception, and the illegality of abortion
We declare that sodomy is not a right endowed by the Creator because it violates His design for sex.
We declare that God designed sex for us to be fruitful and multiply within marriages producing families.
We declare that God provides a way for every sinful individual and broken family to be forgiven, healed and brought into right relationships.
We declare that the effort to legalize sodomy will see defeat after defeat until it is completely defeated.
We declare that the churches in Belize will keep growing in unity as we respond to the gay agenda with God’s better plan for marriage, sex and family.
We declare that God will raise up more Christian teachers and resources with biblical world views.
We declare that as we make more room for God in our schools, He will address every difficulty in learning and discipline.
We declare that God will provide a way out of gangs, and into fulfilling relationships, education & jobs.
We declare that the deception behind witchcraft, Freemasonry and cults will be exposed and weakened.
We declare that God will show us how to put our family and church finances in right order.
We declare that He will reward His good and faithful stewards with more resources.
We declare that He will pour out blessings on those who give tithes and offerings consistently.
We declare that God will show Belize how to survive and thrive in the current world economic crisis.
We declare that He will provide guidance and favor to Belize’s debt restructuring committee.
We declare that God will provide His counsel to church leaders whenever PM Barrow consults them.
We declare Holy Spirit conviction on those engaged in political corruption.
We declare grace for those willing to change their ways, and exposure of those who aren’t
We declare that God is raising up Christian political leaders to represent Him as well as the people.
We declare that God will lead musicians, artists and churches into deeper encounters with Him.
We declare that God will stir up musicians and artists to public displays of His glory through the media.
We thank God that LOVE-FM plans to have weekly broadcasts from church services, and twice-a-month broadcasts of Christian leaders discussing national issues.
We declare that God will use these broadcasts make His good will known and draw multitudes to Him.
We declare that God is preparing Belize for outpourings of His Spirit and abundant future harvests!

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Yours in Christ, George

To Pray, Praise, Prophecy, Preach & Practice what we preach

Ferrar: May 2012

Dear friends & supporters,

Our teacher candidates are making progress in their applications, but it’s clear that our teacher team won’t come together in time for the coming school year. Yet it’s possible each candidate can come early to engage in ministry (see photo of Chelsy Luck) & the Belize Prayer Network. National prayer will always be high priority for us, even after our school opens (see Call To Worship photos). The issues we face on Caye Caulker are also national issues, so I will continue our ministry on this island but also in the nation too. God has given me, and the Evangelical Association has approved, the assignment of linking prayer groups like BC-HOP into the Belize Prayer Network. In this network intercessors & leaders can share and agree on what God is showing us for Belize. This will mean more expenses in travel, in communications, and in developing an up-to-date website that tracks our prayer campaigns as we make progress in all 7 arenas of influence in Belize. But it will be worth it! Belize is facing many crises that only 2 Chron. 7:14 prayer can overcome. Please ask God what you can contribute, to make a difference on Caye Caulker and in all of Belize!

GOD’S LOVE ON TV & RADIO. On Feb. 26 at BC-HOP we focused on prayer for Media, one of the seven arenas of influence in the nation. We felt led to pray specifically for LOVE-FM, the most popular TV and radio station in Belize. We prayed that LOVE would promote the true love of God shown in His Son, instead of music & ads promoting lust without commitment, leading to unwanted children.

One month later, LOVE invited national church leaders—the Anglican bishop, the former and current church representative in the Senate, and the president of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches (BAEC)—to a TV and radio panel discussion on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. The BAEC president had a previous commitment, so he asked me to sit in his place. It was the first time I had ever been on radio or TV. I was just getting over a severe flu, but on Monday April 2, I joined the bishop and senators in a small refrigerated studio, which glaring floodlights quickly heated up.

At one point so did the discussion, when two of them debated over the authority of church traditions. But for the most part we stayed on common ground, the Word of God. What did it mean for man to be created in the image of God? How did sin and Satan ruin that image? How did the cross restore it?

God helped me with that part. Christ is the image of the invisible God, and we were made to be like Him. Satan, the worship leader of heaven, became prideful of his status but envious of our even higher position in Christ. He rebelled, taking one-third of the angels with him, and deceived Adam, the ruler of the earth, so that he could seize that rule from Adam. Christ won that rule back by resisting Satan’s temptations and paying the price for every sin on the cross. Now, if we confess our sin and let Christ rule us as Lord, we can overcome any tribulation in this life, and see Him work it to the good. And we will rule with Him in the next life, as co-heirs in His very image. The life He now gives us lasts forever in glory!

DOORS OPEN FOR THE GOSPEL. Then I realized why I was there. The next Sunday was Easter, and Easter was the day I got saved! In my next turn I encouraged all viewers to go to any church of any name where Christ is praised. Because 25 years ago on Easter Sunday, when I had long given up on church, a friend invited me to try a nearby church he’d heard of. I decided to go with him just to ease his inevitable disappointment. But God surprised me. We entered late, and the small congregation was singing to God like they really meant it, from their hearts. I had never heard that before. God inhabits the praises of His people. Jesus came in a glorious light and showed He loved me despite the mess I had made of my life. For me it was love at first sight. All the songs they sang about Him were true. I wept for joy, trying to hide my face behind my songsheet. After the service I meant to slip out the door and not try to explain what was obviously happening to me. But the Lord said, “I want you to stay.” How could I disobey Him? He had just become my Lord. I stayed, and I was warmly welcomed without any questions. I prayed that Jesus would meet each viewer in a similar way, when they went to meet Him on Easter.

We all had such a good time sharing about Christ that the program went a half hour overtime. The host, Rene Villanueva, was so moved by God that he not only invited us back for his Wednesday program (which BAEC President Crawford was able to attend instead of me), but said that he wanted to start broadcasting from a different church service each Sunday! Rene also arranged to broadcast a discussion with church leaders each month on the pressing issues of our times. We in fact had prayed on February 26 that the voice of God would be heard on the media as the answer to our troubles. Now we had a public forum for Him to do just that! That same night Rene told us he had decided to broadcast the upcoming July 1 March For Jesus. Originally planned only as a procession for the Anglican Church’s bicentennial celebration, now the March for Jesus is going to be a multi-church citywide campaign. Rene vowed to promote the event and urged us to invite everyone we could find.

HELL BREAKS LOOSE. The prospect of multitudes of supposedly divided Christians marching in united prayer through the streets of Belize City must have shaken the powers of darkness. Because in the next ten days the enemy retaliated with the most vicious counterattack I have ever seen in Belize. To claim that he and not Jesus was lord of the streets, during April 4-11 alone—the week surrounding Easter—he triggered a wave of violence: six murders, three more attempted murders, and fourteen reported robberies and burglaries. He also assaulted intercessors in our prayer network with severe pains in the head, lungs, stomach, etc., making thinking, breathing, eating and praying most difficult—afflictions which defied medical explanation. (For an hour I was in agony with stomach pains I thought would kill me as the local doctor looked on helplessly, her shots and medicine unavailing, till I got a breakthrough in prayer.)

We had sudden deaths and near-deaths in our families and neighborhoods. The enemy was hitting our weaknesses relentlessly. We persevered in praying for each other and Belize by phone and email alerts, and gained some relief. Then another wave of violence hit Belize City on the weekend of April 20-22. On Friday a lone gunman shot and killed two men on bicycles on crowded downtown Orange Street, close to Taylor’s Alley gang turf. That night the rival George Street gang leader and his female companion were gunned down at a gas station. On Saturday a stevedore rumored to run with the Southside Gangsters was shot twelve times by two men in a black Camry, and died where he fell. All downtown stores closed early that day in fear. On Sunday the Taylor’s Alley gang leader was killed in the back of a police van.

We prayed for God’s grace to resist the devil and send him fleeing. We prayed for grace to submit to God, repent more fully, and yield more deeply to Him alone. We prayed that this wave of evil would end in a new wave that leads to revival. We prayed that God would remind gang members of ways He has touched their lives in the past, to turn to Him now their leaders are gone, to find His way out of bondage to gangs and into new relationships and honest work opportunities. We prayed for His power for us overcome fear and intimidation, and walk in faith wherever He leads through the city streets.

HEAVEN BREAKS LOOSE. The multi-church Call To Worship was held the next Saturday night, April 28, at Princess Hotel in Belize City. So many believers came out without fear to participate, that we filled to overflowing the nation’s largest hotel conference room (see photos). God responded by filling us to overflowing! I had a vision of the wall behind the worship team turn into a huge window of heaven pouring forth light. It was liquid light filling the fan-shaped room like a calm rushing flood, rising over our feet and ankles. It came onto some of us, but into others, filling our bellies and hearts and minds with His higher feelings, His higher thoughts, His higher will. It separated into streams of colors flowing, mixing, swirling, making our hearts dance and our heads swim in His glory. I believe these are anointings of the Holy Spirit which will keep flowing through us as we walk in holy boldness through the city streets, releasing His power & peace where there was fear. He who is in us is much greater than he who is in the world.

I believe that this anointed corporate worship will open the way for more outpourings at our next multi-church event in the city, the Global Day of Prayer on May 27. I have been asked by the BAEC to organize this event in connection with what God is doing in our Belize Prayer Network. Since it is clear now that our present teacher candidates will not be ready to come together as a team for the coming school year, I can go on facilitating for another year the national prayer movement God has called me to. At the Global Day of Prayer we will have church leaders making declarations of what God is about to do in the coming season, to loose on earth what God is loosing in heaven. Then we will put feet to our prayers at the March For Jesus on July 1. Pray that through us God will flood Belize with His grace, take back the streets He purchased with His blood, and release peace that crushes Satan under our feet.

Yours in Christ, George


Ferrar: April 2012: 2


End this wave of murder & evil,  send a wave of revival!

The enemy has been on a rampage in Belize. During April 4-11 alone―the week surrounding our most holy day, Easter, the day of resurrection life―there were six murders, three more attempted murders, and fourteen reported robberies and burglaries. People in our prayer network (including myself) are also under enemy attack. Intercessors are reporting many afflictions―severe pains in the head, lungs, stomach, etc. making thinking, breathing, eating and praying most difficult―afflictions that defy medical explanation. Our intercessors have also experienced in recent weeks sudden deaths or near-deaths in the family, in their neighborhoods, and at school. This is an all-out onslaught from the enemy. Just last night the George Street Gang leader and the young lady with him were killed. Today saw five more shootings in Belize City, which some say were in retaliation. All the downtown shops closed early out of fear. This flood of violence must stop. Raise with us the standard of concerted prayer till it ends!

AGREE IN PRAYER WITH US: Father God, Your Holy Spirit is deeply grieved. You are most holy, and You made us to be most holy. But we are seeing most wicked outbreaks of violence in Your beloved Belize ever since Holy Week. Life is being cheapened, people are feeling devalued as the cycles of death spread. We need a dramatic revelation of the death of Your Son―no lesser price could be paid to show how precious each one of our lives are. Set a guard over every human being here. Turn this culture of death into a culture of life. Let Your people manifest that culture. When the enemy attacks us, help us to resist him so he will flee. Help us submit ourselves to You, repent more deeply, yield more deeply, and receive more deeply the power of the risen Lord. Just as the time of darkness that led to Your crucifixion ended in the glorious day of Your resurrection, let this wave of evil end in new waves that lead to revival. Let there be light in Belize to show our sin, but also show us Your greater power to live a new life that lasts forever, and that no one can take away. Your life alone is our only sure defense. Show us how to live Your life without fear, be fruitful, and multiply!

In Jesus’ almighty name,



Ferrar: April 2012

George & Stann Creek District pastors BCS

George & Stann Creek District pastorsBCSsm.jpg

Dear friends & supporters,

At the crossroads of decision I attended a leaders’ conference it Belize City which became both an answer to prayer and an invitation to much greater things. The main speaker, Fernando Villalobos, was instrumental in the great revival in Bolivia in the 70s, one of the most resistant countries to the gospel at that time. In the first four months of the revival, the vast majority of that nation, 8 million people, prayed to receive Jesus as Lord. Even the president provided the stadium and resources for mass evangelism. All this was the result of church leaders gathering in prayer. But over the next several years they fought over this harvest and became deeply divided. We prayed together that the coming harvest in Belize would be multiplied instead. Fernando and others prayed specifically for me to be a national networker. It is time to make strong ties in relationships between leaders and intercessors that will hold us together in both success and persecution. No matter which way I turn at this point, I plan to stay involved both in Caye Caulker and in God’s wider purposes for His people in Belize! (See photos of recent connections I’ve made with leaders & intercessors). 

Pastor Robert Palacio, San PedroHCB sm.jpg

Pastor Robert Palacio, San Pedro HCB

SIGNS AT THE CROSSROADS. I’ve found myself at the crossroads with two clear opportunities. One, the prospect of reopening our mission high school.  Two, the prospect of expanding Belize City House of Prayer into a prayer network reaching across the whole nation. Two weeks ago the school looked like the stronger prospect. Parents of eighth graders were responding positively to initial consultations about our high school. Four US teacher candidates were planning to visit Caye Caulker in April.

And two good friends who are seasoned Belizean teachers came here Mar. 9-15. We discussed what God was doing in our lives, and what kind of school it would take to win the spiritual battles on Caye Caulker. We came to a good understanding of how teachers could grow together in right relationships with God, with one another and with the students, parents, churches & nonbelievers here. Though we liked the idea of working together, it could not happen this year, since one of the teachers found out that the government was requiring her to teach at least one more year at government schools. The second teacher is being discipled by the first, and wanted to wait until the first is free.

A third teacher has run into difficulty raising support. A fourth teacher, who had hoped to visit in April, could not get free from work till June. The fifth and sixth teachers—a married missionary couple already living in Belize—planned to visit in March. But due to a lease misunderstanding, they had to make a sudden time-consuming temporary move just before their scheduled trip to the US. This would leave them no time to visit Caye Caulker till mid-May. So I cannot confirm any of these teachers till May at the earliest, when most parents will have already enrolled their students at other schools.

All this I learned in the space of a few days. But God started to open other doors. Just after the first two teachers visited, I went to a three-day Leadership Conference in Belize City. On the first day one of the visiting speakers—who knew nothing about me—called me out of the crowd. He said he had a vision of  a heavy rope on my shoulder, and said I would use it for a multitude of purposes. The more I used it, the more it would grow in length and strength. Like Moses’ staff—which turned into a snake and back again—the rope was a sign that God would release His power in many ways. Its main purpose was to make connections between Christians and churches and national leaders.

WATCHMEN ON THE WALLS UNITE. This word started to become reality on the second day of the conference. There I met an intercessory team from Hattieville composed of women of different churches (see photo) who pray together monthly at places God assigns. They had prayed at a media outlet where relationships and finances were on the rocks. In response God sent waves of grace to improve personal communication and restore funding. This team also prays at schools, prisons  and other strategic sites, personalizing their prayers, and keeping records of God’s answers. They were eager to start sharing prayers & praise reports with our network, as fellow watchmen on the walls of the nation’s churches

On the third day of the conference I met leaders of the Stann Creek Ministerial Association (photo). Recently they’ve gotten immersed in the battle against the foreign gay lobby which is now targeting Belize. Now they see a need to increase their focus on prayer. They realize that the more we unite to fight our battles in the heavenlies, the more victories we will win on earth.

On the boat back to Caye Caulker, I had another divine appointment. Pastor Robert Palacio of Faith Bible Church on Ambergris Caye sat next to me (photo). He shared how that island’s pastors were reuniting for prayer and ready to join with a national movement. That made three additions to our prayer network in two days!

At this point there is more potential for extending our prayer network across the nation than for growing the Belize City House of Prayer. We do want to keep having prayer sessions at BC-HOP—God keeps answering in many amazing ways! But at this time many people who care enough to pray are already too over-scheduled with their families, workplaces, churches and prayer groups to commit to another habitual time and place for prayer. It’s a familiar story, that faithful people in Belize are so rare that they end up getting overburdened with other people’s responsibilities.

Stage with Eugene Crawford, Belize Action crowd and courthouse crop3 SBC sm.jpg

Stage with Eugene Crawford, Belize Action crowd and courthouse crop3 SBC 

Hattieville intercessors with GeorgeBCSsm.jpg

Hattieville intercessors with George BCS

BELIZE PRAYER NETWORK. That’s why we need prayer so badly! No one can take these burdens for  long without realizing they need to cast them on the Lord. The result is prayer teams. If we focus on networking existing prayer teams, we won’t compete for intercessors but instead work together for greater effect. I have seen prayer sessions with 5-30 people multiply God’s power many times what we usually experience in individual prayer. Now take that multiplied power, and multiply it by 5-30 teams agreeing together in earnest prayer. The results will be exponential!

The key elements are seeing and agreeing in the Holy Spirit. I ask each team, what is God showing you? Then I can share that with other prayer teams, and we can all see the bigger picture of what God is saying to the churches in Belize. I also ask, what is God leading you to pray for? I can then share that with other prayer teams, and we can release great power in the prayer of agreement (Mt. 19:19).

Beyond that, we can periodically submit timely words we are receiving from God for the coming season to the spiritual leaders of Belize—specifically to the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, which commissioned BC-HOP. As it turns out, I saw BAEC President Eugene Crawford (see photo of him at Belize Action rally) at the conference. He approved of expanding BC-HOP into a nationwide Belize Prayer Network. He also said I could share our timely words with BAEC members at the next tri-annual meeting, for confirmation. Once we agree on the words, we can speak them out as declarations for the coming season in Belize!

Imagine spiritual leaders in Belize declaring together, before heaven and earth, what God is about to do! “I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Mt. 16:19). Imagine us doing this  three times a year for the nation! And once a year, at the Global Day of Prayer, for the world! There is no limit to what God can do with leaders united in prayer.

FILLING THE GAPS. In the meantime, ask God to add faithful intercessors to our national network until every gap is filled. Nehemiah’s wall was successful because every team did its part for all God’s people. When one part is attacked, we must rally to its aid. Just yesterday an intercessor in our network called me about an attack on her head, neck, lungs and stomach. She was finding it difficult to breathe and sleep, and impossible to eat. Her prayer team had just been interceding for a key church which was refusing outside fellowship—and suffering physically and spiritually as a result. We realized God was using her body to show what they need—a hunger so great that they would give up their resistance and receive freely from the rest of His body. As we prayed, God removed every pain from her head to her stomach, and restored her health and peace. We took it as a sign that He’d do the same for that church.

I’m still waiting for conclusive signs at this particular crossroads. If God suddenly pulls teachers together—and shows us that this is the right team, and the right time—our school is ready to open. I can still do my part in the Belize Prayer Network, though not the leading part. If this is not God’s timing for the school, there is much to do in preparing the way, through concerted prayer, for greater and greater moves of God over all the schools, churches, and arenas of influence in this nation. We will surely not miss anything God wants to do with us if we persevere with Him in obedience and prayer!

Yours in Christ, 


Hattieville intercessors at lunch with George sm MG_4173.jpg

Hattieville intercessors at lunch with George

January 2012

PRAYER ALERT: Choosing a family-friendly fiscally-responsible US President

Tomorrow may signal a turning point in the US Presidential election. More than 150 top evangelical advocates of family values and fiscal responsibility are now meeting near Houston, Texas. They are seeking agreement on a presidential candidate. Until now evangelicals have divided their support among candidates who are attacking each other so relentlessly, that many fear no one will end up with enough support to defeat Obama. We must point out that the Obama administration has refused to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act. It has consistently pushed for federal funding for abortion. It has promoted the gay agenda, including open homosexuality and even bestiality in the military! It’s now embarked on an all-out campaign to impose the gay agenda on all nations which receive US aid. And it has allowed our debt to climb to a mind-boggling $15 trillion. Let’s pray for the evangelical leaders to come to an agreement, and for this year’s elections to result in completely different family-friendly & financially-responsible policies.

AGREE IN PRAYER WITH US: We come before You as our loving and almighty Father, from whom every family on earth takes its name. We thank You for Your good plan for one-man, one-woman marriages to be fruitful and multiply. We thank You for Your plan to fill the earth with children who have fathers and mothers to look after them, till they grow to become fathers and mothers themselves. We grieve before You that for the first time in history, powerful nations are conspiring together to defy this good plan, to take away parents’ rights, and to expose children to homosexual propaganda and predators. Turn the hearts of true fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

Thanks you for the many evangelical champions of family values who are meeting today and tomorrow, who have been fighting the good fight against ruthless and godless enemies. Bring these champions into agreement, in prayer and in action, on how to win this fight for the sake of the nation and the world. Raise up a president, even if it is a repentant Obama himself, who will choose judges and cabinet members and policies that protect the most vulnerable members of the human race—including the unborn and children. Move on US voters to vote this year for family-friendly, fiscally-responsible, and globally-sensible candidates. Help all of us work together to restore families with true God-given male and female identities. Help us find our deepest identity in Jesus, the only way to the Father. Help us overcome all anti-Christian agendas and let Your government increase. Release Your good plans for families of all races to prosper, for free markets to revive the global economy, and for the US to be more than ever a blessing to the world. In Jesus’ name, amen.